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Sursona beetroot powder


All the life secrets and answers lie in the normal and basic things like our routine. What we feed ourselves everyday is how we function. Imagine yourself eating a nutrient rich diet for 365 days, easily!

Why would you eat a normal roti when you can make it powerful and colorful at the same time. We understand life and varying interests of all of us but nutrition needs to be taken care of. It is the base for development and a necessity to live a happy life.

So we repeat, why choose a normal roti over a naturally fortified roti which would take exactly the same time to cook and lesser time to digest.


Think about it!

Being an Optimistic company, we are here to empower you with more health and nutrition in every meal of yours.

Ready to fuel your engine with the finest powders?

We thought so!


Organic-Contract Based Farming 


Our team is in continuous contact with farmers to procure vegetables and flowers organically. This also helps us to preserve our soil for the next generation.

No preservatives or anything artificial!

Sursona No added Preservatives

We absolutely don't add preservatives or anything artificial in Sursona Powers because we take health seriously. 

An innovation to create a healthy & sustainable food system.


This is an innovation to create a healthy and sustainable food system. We are committed to building it ethically.

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