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Blue Pea Powder Benefits

Updated: Jan 3

The color of ‘soothing’ is blue, and the color of an ‘elevated mind’ is purple. Herbal teas containing these little Blue Butterfly Pea flowers have become so popular aesthetically. But it would be sad to not know the real power of these gems! Blue Butterfly pea flowers have been long used in India and other regions of the world for their healing and anti-oxidant properties. Fun fact, this flower is named after the Hindu goddess, Aparajita, meaning the one who cannot be conquered or defeated.

The Technicalities:

With constant exposure to toxins from the environment as well as processed foods, as parents, we know we cannot always say ‘NO’. Kids have their own little social things. So what can we do? We double the protection! Blue pea powder is known to contain anthocyanins which are responsible for the pretty blue color. By the way of science, fruits, vegetables, and flowers that contain blue color potentially aid in brain health, memory, and healthy aging. Additionally, these flowers are rich in Kaemphferol, p-Coumaric acid, and many more antioxidants that apart from boosting cognitive health also deliver antimicrobial and antiviral benefits!

You, your kids, and the magic of the sky blue!

Boosting brain health and memory is one of the key benefits of Blue pea powder! Now imagine the concentration of this flower multiplied 10 times! Sursona powder brings you an even more efficient way to use the magic of these flowers in as many dishes as you can make! The use of Blue Pea in the form of flowers is extremely limiting- herbal teas and cocktails, and how many kids want that? Additionally, not everyone can plant these beautiful flowers in an urban setting, and most importantly where do you even get these flowers easily? We know, and hence we bring the purest Blue pea powder ever!

Offering these to your kids will be easy because anything you make using this powder instantly becomes appealing!

How to Use Sursona Blue Pea Powder?

  1. Without chemicals or preservatives, straight from the farm to your table, every parent must add a simple teaspoon to a warm cup of milk before bed for their children- a healthy routine.

  2. Blue Dhoklas, Idlis, and dosa batters can be packed into their lunch boxes too.

  3. Mixing Sursona Blue pea powder in Jowar roti dough makes a beautiful treat for the eye and a healthy addition to the plate!

  4. One of my personal favorites- Smoothie! A cloudy smoothie made with milk, bananas, dates, and blue pea powder brings heaven in a cup!

  5. You can also make pancakes, crepes, and waffles with the Blue Pea Powder and garnish with hot chocolate ganache!

  6. And of course, you can always enjoy this as an herbal tea, which when induced with lemon juice, turns purple due to the change in the pH of the liquid!

  7. And if you are the creative person of the house- imagine this- Sky blue ice cream with rainbow sprinkles!

The beautiful blue hue of the sky isn’t out of reach, it is just near the BUY NOW section!

The heaven of health awaits you and your family, are you ready to take the leap?

‘ सभी या कि सी भी सरुसोना पाउडर का एक चम्मच प्रति दि न - नि श्चि त रूप सेआपको आतं रि क रूप सेपोषण देनेमेंमदद करेगा

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