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Sursona Trial Pack

average rating is 4.7 out of 5


These nutritiously powerful and colorful powders are made from chemical-free vegetables for you to include in your daily diet.

Continuous use of these powders will nourish, repair and protect you internally and will balance the deficiencies naturally. Kids and their mumma’s will love it absolutely. 💪🏻
*zero preservatives added

This Set includes:
Sursona Beetroot power 25 gms
Sursona Moringa power 25 gms
Sursona Pumpkin power 25 gms
Sursona Blue Pea power 25 gms
Sursona Spinach power 25 gms

Nourish | Repair | Protect | Healthy fun


Whom is this product for?

It’s a product for EVERYONE! Kids, young and old.

How can I use this?

However, you wish to! It is purely the vegetable but in a concentrated powdered form, thus a great addition to your diet.

Completely up to you how you want to turn your meals nutritious and colorful.

Where do I store the product?

We recommend you to store it in a cool, dry place. Make sure you close the pouch immediately after using and don't use a wet spoon while handling.

Will it change the taste of my food or beverage ?

It absolutely won't change the taste of the food or beverage that you mix with.

Are there any side- effects?


It is completely natural (zero preservatives) and is made from farm fresh produce so nothing to worry.

Is it safe for pregnant & lactating woman to use?